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The Oil Myth - oil will clog my skin!

Facial oils will not clog your pores. Oil (or sebum) occurs naturally in your skin and your sebaceous glands are constantly working to pump it out. Acne is a result of hair follicles that become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Using a topical facial oil won’t make this process any worse – in fact they can actually help balance and improve acne prone skin.  Essential fatty acid stimulates the healing process by promoting the growth of new tissue – thereby accelerating wound + scar tissue healing, plus the growth of healthy new skin.

This process of forming new tissue is known as Cicatrisation.

'Good' oils contain specific characteristics that can actually help your skin, like high levels of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a type of unsaturated fatty acid that is naturally found within the skin’s lipid layer. It helps your skin retain water to keep it hydrated + plump.

High levels of linoleic acid are beneficial to those who suffer from breakouts as those who suffer from acne naturally have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin. This can result in sebum (the skin’s natural oil production) that is harder, stickier and more likely to clog pores.

So balance your skin!

The Oil cleaner method. By massaging in Almond Oil then gently wiping away with a warm rung out face washer - the good oils, cling to your natural bad oils + help take away the dirt and impurities.

Apply + rub in more Almond Oil after (or Rosehip) for a nutrient boost!