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“Hi there! Purchased some Willow Balm from you at the Baby Expo at Pettigrew Arena for my father with very bad hand splitting and sores from Lupus. Morning after first application and he is moving, gripping and bending his hands like normal, didn’t even require his gloves today in the cold to reduce pain. Thank you so so much, will update, and eternally grateful for you and this product, it will change his quality of life and make his flare ups so much more manageable." - Meghann Corbett, Hawke’s Bay NZ”

"My 7 month old is suffering from eczema and dribble rashes and nothing was working! He was so itchy and miserable! I saw this and purchased it from the chemist and these are the results after 1 day! It’s amazing! And he’s so much happier! I have tried so many different products and nothing like this even came close! I love this product ❤️ can’t recommend highly enough"- Lauren Hansen, Napier, NZ

"Highly recommend Willow Organic Healing Balm 100% . My poor little boy has aggressive eczema and within FOUR days I had seen amazing results. 😊 we love our Baby Willow Organic Healing Balm ❤️“This healing balm is amazing!!!" - Kata O, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"My son has super sensitive skin and had red, chapped lips/skin from licking. We popped this on before bed and again in the morning and by lunchtime the results were amazing. Thank you for making such a beautiful natural product, that works!!!” - Sarah Williamson, Australia 

 “Willow Balm is just amazing. Our nearly 3 year old took a tumble off the swings head first a couple of months ago, so we thought we would pop Willow balm on his cuts and scratches on his face as it’d worked so well on his knocks to his knees before. It’s so lovely and nourishing, from application it took three days to heal." - Tania Aldridge, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"My son had an angry looking rash around his mouth. Countless doctors visits, chats with health consultants and pharmacists and more creams and potions than I care to mention and it only seemed to get worse! Then I tried Baby Willow; amazing!!!!! It took a few weeks of intensive use but every day I could see his skin improving. This stuff works miracles and my sons rash is now gone. It is such value for money too, as a very small amount goes a long way. I use it for nappy rash too and it works so quickly, one application as soon as I see pink and his skin is clear next change. Amazing product!" - Heather Entwisle, Caimbridge, NZ.

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"I was lucky enough to be gifted some of this to try and it’s fantastic!! Both hubby and daughter had eczema/ facial dermatitis and in a week it’s almost gone! Thanks Sharon I’ll be telling everyone. X"- Sarah Potts, Central Hawkes Bay, NZ

"This balm has helped my sons severe nappy rash go from awful to barely noticeable in just over 24 hours. Also perfect for dribble rash. Highly recommend!" Courtney Chalmers, Paraparaumu, NZ

"Most unreal cream for my babies bum! My now 9 month old had a terrible raw, weeping, spreading bum rash for over 2 weeks when she was about 3 months old. I literally tried everything. Doctors gave me hydrocortisone which made it worse. Sharon mentioned her Baby Willow cream, and within 24 hours it had halved, and within 48 hours, it had mostly cleared up. It's actually miracle cream! Sharon's amazing-so is her Willow cream" – Georgie De Salis, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"I have been using the balm on all 3 of my kids with fantastic results. My youngest was an eczema baby and my other 2 get dermatitis on their hands and around their lips. My son had bad cracks on his hands and said they were always sore, but now they are healing and getting back to being smooth again! Thank you for an awesome all natural product. Highly recommend."- Lisa Somervell, Napier, NZ

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"I received my balm this morning after ordering it on Monday as my fingers are covered in like an eczema/dermatitis type thing which has been bothering me for ages and recently flared up really badly. So I put it on straight away and took it to work with me and my fingers are no longer itchy and not as red. Yay so far so good! I can’t wait for it to be cleared up so I can start wearing my wedding and engagement rings again! Thank you so much Sharon, it’s amazing. I also tried the exfoliator sample you gave me tonight in my cleanser and I love it too."- Hannah Boulter, Christchurch, NZ

"We have been using Willow Organic Healing Balm for less than a week on our 3 year old. She suffers from eczema and had some nasty reoccurring sores on the same sites. Steroid cream would work briefly but then it would return. Numerous creams have been purchased and would reduce symptoms but never heal. We tried different food groups without anything obvious contributing. By applying the balm 2x daily it appears that the skin under the sore is actually healing and a scab has been able to form and then vanish. It is still early days but to say I am impressed is an understatement! Perfect for the Tinana as all natural ingredients."- Cindy Logan, Napier, NZ

"Wow! Where do I start! I share this magic balm with everyone and have used it with great results for rosacea, molluscum, cuts, grazes, eczema and dry skin.My father uses it on his skin which has made him looks years younger and has taken away the redness in his skin. This product is MAGIC!"- Tessa Flowers-Morrell

“I had a bad rash that nothing would shift, and this balm was the only one that worked. Thank you." - Carole Wakelin, NZ

"Sharon kindly provided us with one of her magical balms (Willow Balm) when my youngest was suffering from a nasty raw nappy rash that I just couldn't get on top of. I was blown away with the results, the next nappy change showed a huge improvement and by the day after it was gone! Highly recommend!"- Sarah Beetham, Hawkes Bay, NZ,

“The best healing balm I have tried that actually works. My son had an awful outbreak of eczema and this balm cleared it up in a few days. Amazing high quality nourishing ingredients and a little goes a long way!!!" - Lily Lowry, NZ

“This balm is WONDERFUL! As a past chemistry student, I became quite concerned over ingredients in healing ointments for myself and especially for my baby. (When you know what all those chemicals are in standard 'off the shelf' products- you want to stay away!) I looked for a high quality organic formula with 'natures antibiotics' ingredients and Willow Balm was recommended by a friend that was one of the 'product testers' of Willow balm. My baby had terrible nappy rash... in two days it was gone! As soon as I applied it my little girl was settled and I could tell it soothed her and within hours I could see it disappearing. 'WOW!' You can smell and feel the quality. I also love that it straight pure ingredients without any fillers or water. Im tired of paying for those ingredients! Cant wait to get my hands on more to gift onto friends! ... A little goes SUCH a long way. Definite value for money in my opinion!" - Rosie White, South Island, NZ

"Hi, I purchased your healing balm a couple of weeks ago and it is so good! I am so glad I found the right stuff for his eczema. It healed within days- its just the best!"- Young mum, Hawkes Bay

"I purchased this incredible balm and used it on a very red, nasty nappy rash - which no other product had healed. All GONE! No, redness, no more rash! Highly recommend this product 100%" - Steph Hill, Hawkes Bay NZ

"I received a wee sample of this magical balm and it did not disappoint! In my teaching career I've seen my fair share of nappy rashes and in the future I would not hesitate to recommend this product!" - Angela Stone, ECE teacher, Hawkes bay, NZ

"My dad had a bad accident and fall and grated the skin off his shin. Within 3 days of using Willow Balm he said it had healed all his wounds which usually take weeks to heal as he has no immune system due to his rheumatoid arthritis, can't wait to show you the pictures!" - T.M, Hawkes Bay NZ

"A woman who has terrible dermatitis on her head came in and I gave her a sample over the weekend. She has just returned to buy a jar of Willow. She mentioned how much she loves it and how quick it was to sooth and how effective it was. She mentioned again how soothing it was!"- Local retailer, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"My daughter has chicken pox and her face is covered in spots. She's finding the balm so soothing and it takes the redness away!"- customer, local retailer, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"My daughter in-law has been applying it to her daughter's face where she has been licking to itchy dry red patches around her mouth. It's gone! She also found it so soothing." - Customer, local retailer, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"A customer showed me her rash. She has an over production of collagen and if she knocks herself she comes out in a ring type rash pattern on her skin. She applied a sample and returned in an hour... she couldn't believe how quickly it disappeared!" - Local retailer, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"Amazing product - 24hrs after starting to use it on my daughters nappy rash there was such a noticeable difference!! Love how such a little goes a long way and smells so much nicer than other than any other products! Customer service also outstanding!" - Bridie Nanai, Auckland, NZ

"I purchased your balm a couple of weeks ago and its SO good! I will send you the pictures! Thank you so much for this product. I'm so glad we have finally found the right product for his eczema!" - O.K, Hawkes bay Mum, NZ

"We have struggled with eczema for so long. I was in tears when I saw Willow Balm working on my sons skin within just a few hours. He is having the best nights sleep now! It was so hard seeing him loose sleep over his eczema. Thank you!" - J.C, Whangarei, NZ

"I brought this balm from you online. I thought that you might like to know that your Willow Balm is the best product I have ever used on my age spots. Over the last two weeks they have gone! I'm buying it for my friends!" - Beth Marshall, Wellington, NZ

"The best barrier and healing cream out! Helped transform my little ones nappy rash in a day and love how such a little goes a long way. Smells great too! Would definitely recommend to all mums out there." - Bridie Nanai, Auckland NZ

"I have perioral dermatitis (rash around my mouth). Nothing has helped except your Willow Balm!" - S.H, Auckland, NZ

"My order arrived exactly on time, I was quite excited! Such a beautiful product. It has definitely helped me. Thank you so much for all your help with my questions. You certainly knew your information and you were bang on! It's been a while since I've experience such good customer service. You clearly care about people, it showed. Thank you again." - A.G, Wellington, NZ