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How much is delivery and how will it arrive? There is a standard delivery fee of $6.50 per order anywhere within NZ. From time to time we may offer free or reduced shipping rates as part of a promotional campaign.

What packaging do you use? Always conscious of our environment, your delivery will arrive in recyclable packaging. Either in plant-based eco compostable material, recycled cardboard or another solution that is not plastic.

How much of the Willow Balm do I apply? It is concentrated, so only a tiny amount is needed topically. If you are using it as a nappy barrier cream you may wish to use a little more. You will quickly get a feel for how much is needed as you start to apply. You only need a tiny amount as the formula is pure ingredients, no water or fillers. It contains a protective barrier, so that the formula absorbs quickly into the skin but also leaves that much needed protective barrier to allow healing to take place. Ideally apply it twice to 3 times a day for the first few days to see faster results.

How do you apply it? Fingers can have bacteria on them, so we have provided you with a spatula as many household fingers may otherwise be popping in. Scoop out a tiny amount and apply to fingertips or the palm of your hand. Then transfer to the site. You can even transfer from spatula to cotton tip, then apply.

Why is there a spatula and what is it made out of? Oh we love the little Spatula’s! Our hygienic way to scoop out the balm. Made of Sheesham, also known as Indian Rosewood- is a hardwood and one of the most sustainable woods on earth. Native to India, its’ very fast growing, thrives even in poor soil, extreme cold and needs only a tiny amount of water to thrive. Unlike many other trees harvested for wood, it doesn’t require pesticides to avoid infestations. Custom and handmade for us, we think it’s a beautiful little addition from a sustainable eco friendly source.

Why is it white and not yellow like most balms? A balm is a cream, ointment, lotion, salve, rub. Many name to describe a topical application used to heal or sooth the skin. Balms can be made up of different ingredients. Unlike its other cousins out there, our balm is creamy and when rubbed in, the ‘white’ disappears. This is one of the many benefits to the formula- that you can see exactly where you have applied first, before you rub it in. 

Is it effective? We think so and so do our product testers and customers so far! It was originally formulated for ‘free’. A passion project. As watching a friends baby suffer with a skin condition, demanded action. I was determined to help.

What is in the Baby Willow Balm? Ingredients are listed in the product section on the website and also on the product label on the jar. (See the tab in the main menu which offers a full description of each ingredient.) It contains organic, plant based and mineral based premium ingredients. The very best we could source.

Is Baby Willow Balm ok for my baby that’s under 3 months old? Please consult with your Dr if you have any concerns with skin healing with an infant. A baby’s skin is so delicate and up until 3 months of age, good studies show that they shouldn't need anything on their skin. Willow Balm is very gentle, but with all products please test patch first. (Inside of the forearm is an ideal place.) There maybe something environmental, in the babies formula or your breast milk that could be causing a skin conditions. Think twice before adding baby washes to baths. Research your ingredients, to ensure you are informed. Many baby products contain petroleum and nasties. We can also offer a pure organic shea butter + vitamin e blend, perfect for all delicate areas of mother and new born.  It is pure organic hand extracted shea. (See the ingredient list for the vitamin benefits) and can be added to the bath or massaged into the skin. It is absolute love in a jar that all Mumma’s should be gifted with a newborn!

Where do the ingredients come from? Sourced from around the world. Where the quality and skill set for each ingredient sits with a craftsman, grower, farmer. People passionate about what they do. Organic, ethical, moral and fair-trade practices are important to us. Our Shea Butter has the most incredible story of supporting women in business and getting an above market rate for their craft. They are sustaining villages and educating their children. The Shea is hand extracted and very labour intensive. Many growers we looked into were chemically extracting organic Shea. Definitely not a fit for our products with chemical extraction.

Why organic? It’s a combination of thoughts. The environment is full of nasty chemicals and synthetics. Organic is expensive. It shouldn’t be- but it is cheaper to manufacture nature identical and synthetic ingredients. 

Why did you formulate Baby Willow Organic Healing Balm? For a beautiful baby named Willow. Her skin was in real trouble. Although not my baby, I loved her all the same. I was determined to help her mumma through this tough time.

What are your jars made out of? Recyclable glass. Refill. Reuse. You decide, they are perfect for any little item. The lids are made out of plastic due to necessity. So let's keep reusing them. They are here on the planet a long time. If you are local, we will refill for you if you drop us a line.

How long will the jar last? The Baby Willow jar is 75ml. That’s 15 % more in the jar than other competitors, that often fill to 65ml. A little goes such a long way! There is no water in this formula, so it’s concentrated! A product tester reported half a jar of baby Willow balm to the equivalent to 4 jars of other nappy cream of the same quantity. Value wise, we think that’s pretty good!

Do you use fragrances or perfumes? Never! Only high grade, organic essential oils are used. No all essential oils are created equal, so we tracked down the best we could find.

Baby Willow balm costs more than some others nappy balms why? Other similar products can often contain water, fillers, stabilisers that all add to the quantity. The actual active ingredients are often very low. We don’t use any of the ‘additives’ above. It's pure organic quality ingredients that equal to a concentrated formula. When formulating I always start with the very best ingredients I can find. Quality ingredients absolutely impact the overall outcome. If the quality is there in the ingredient - I know best quality formula outcomes, will equal value for money when the end result is a formula that would help people.

Is Baby Willow Balm just for babies? Not at all. In fact it is for ‘anybody’. However for babies under 3 months please refer to our Mother and new born balm.

What can I use Baby Willow Balm on? Externally anywhere. It does contain essential oils, so use around the lip and eye area with caution. For more information with a query, you can contact us on

Zinc oxide is in the ingredients, is it safe? Yes. We only use non-nano mineral based zinc oxide. There is some debate over zinc zxide. 'Bad' zinc oxide is in the NANO sized particles which can absorb into the skin and in turn enter into the blood stream. Large quantities of nano zinc are believed to cause harm.The zinc we use sits on the skin and aids in healing and is used in hospitals around the world.

How big are the batches? Only 25 jars a batch or smaller. This keeps the quality at it premium and so each batch can be quality checked.

What is the scent in the Baby Willow Balm, it smells like Tea Tree? It’s the top note of the manuka and kanuka. They are not the same as the Australian tea tree. However classed and groups in similar categories. The manuka and kanuka is gentler on the skin and believed to be 33% more effective with healing and restorative properties than its cousin the tea tree.

Are your products vegan? Baby Willow Balm contains organic practice manuka bees wax. The bees are treated with care. However the wax is defined as not vegan. Refer to our ingredient list on manuka beeswax to understand why we have chosen beeswax in our formulas. If you require a blend that is vegan contact us at

Do you test on animals? No way and no one else ever should, only humans.

Why Beeswax and not plant based waxes? We are a fan of plant waxes as they bring many different qualities to a formula. Manuka bees wax with its qualities is streets ahead of other beeswax used in trial blends. However sourcing organic beeswax had it challenges. When we found an organic principles manuka beeswax producer and this was a game changer.