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'CARE PACK' - Mask set offered at cost price.
'CARE PACK' - Mask set offered at cost price.
'CARE PACK' - Mask set offered at cost price.
'CARE PACK' - Mask set offered at cost price.

'CARE PACK' - Mask set offered at cost price.

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Our second 'offering' of this Spa Quality, Organic Face Mask Set after selling out at cost price.

** If this is a gift please add message in notes section when ordering and put the recipient in the 'shipping' section of the ordering process along with your contact details. 

To all our beloved Kiwi's out there.

Stress can cause all kinds of imbalances in the body + expels itself through the skin. This mask set contains over 100+ nutrients to nourish the skin.

Right now our name has a whole new level of consciousness.  'Sano + Humano' means healthy + human. Right now this is the most single important priority for us all. You may know of a loved one needing some time to de-stress and take care of themselves. For Christmas? Or even the lead up to Christmas can be so stressful. 

Self care rituals are crucial in our recovery of challenges in both mental + physical. This set will cover many sessions of 'relax, restore, repair, regain'.

Each set comes with a serum + mask powder beautifully wrapped in a cotton Turkish hand towel + fabric 'headband'.  Each set gives you approximately 3 months worth of masks if using once a week. 

It is perfect for teenagers right through to those of mature age. The ingredients work hard to restore the balance of the skin. Return to 'Sano'. 

Instructions: Find a time in the day for you. Grab your favourite brew + place yourself in front of your favourite TV programme, your favourite spot in the garden, in the peace of the rooms dark with your favourite blanket or anywhere your heart desires.

Take a beautiful darker face washer + prepare it warm + wrung out. Place it over your face + breath a deep breath. Mentally you are setting the moment of giving yourself 'time'. Time to let go + be in the moment of you.

Scoop out approximately a tablespoon of Moringa + Kaolin Mask Powder + place in your bowl. Pump enough serum out for your desired consistency + mix.  It is up to you if you prefer a medium or thinner consistency. This is something you control. It is all part of the mask ritual process.

Spread the mask paste over your face with your fingers or a mask brush. 

Your mask will not dry. It is specifically designed to give you all the time to be in your 'moment'. When you are ready, you can remove it by wiping the mask away with a warm wrung out flannel again. 

Notice the texture of your skin, how radiant you feel.

Look yourself in the mirror and say 'You got this'.

We will be thinking of you everyday.

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