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Our Code of Ethics.

'Sano + Humano' translates to 'Healthy + Human'.

Our world is the only home our future generations have. Businesses based on ethical practices are the only way forward. Our core beliefs are preservation, fairness + do no harm. 

Our journey of setting 9 core principles of business practices that adhere to our name, reputation, the health of human skin + ultimately our home planet - is the beginning of all movements as a 'conscious company'.

You can take great joy in knowing that not only are our products effective, fast working, luxurious + quality driven, but the focus is:

Here. Right now. The future. 

Our ingredients are sourced from quality small farm organic, bio-dynamic practices. We only use organic. All oils are cold-pressed (Never solvent extracted) + come from the ultimate growing regions in the world.

We are very proud to be using Baraka as an ingredient source, who is one of the most ethical fair-trade companies in the world. Their participation in life changing practices with women in small business is second to none. Baraka is a key mover + shaker in preservation + enriching lives.

As a manufacturer we formulate products that are concentrated with exceptional vitamin healing properties. We don't use water in the formulas, therefore no chemical preservation systems are required.

Many products out there today contain fillers, water + contain un-necessary chemical ingredients (natures synthetic replicants). We only use high end mineral, plant + oils - direct from the best earthly growing regions by small farmers in the world.

Used as directed + stored, you will see your products with a long shelf life.

You can also know that you have changed lives in the process.

Kia kaha