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Deluxe face mask set
Deluxe face mask set
Deluxe face mask set

Deluxe face mask set

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Stress can cause all kinds of imbalances in the body.

Self care rituals are crucial in our recovery of challenges in both mental + physical. 

With over 100+ nutrients, this mask leave you feeling hydrated + regenerated.

Suitable for all skin types.


Wet with warm water a dark face washer  + wring lout any excess water. Place on your face to open your pores. (we recommend the Bianca Lorenne washers) 

Scoop out approximately a tablespoon of Moringa + Kaolin Mask Powder + place in your bowl. Pump enough serum out for your desired consistency + mix.  I(t is up to you if you prefer a medium or thinner consistency. )

Spread the mask blend over your face with your fingers or a mask brush. 

Your mask will not dry. It is specifically designed to give you all the time to be in your 'moment'.

When you are ready, you can remove it by wiping the mask away with a warm wrung out flannel again. We recommend at least 10 minutes.

Follow up with our rosehip or almond oil for extra pampering.

Set includes:

Organic Ingredients of:

Mask Powder: Moringa + Kaolin Face Mask Powder: Kaolin clay, moringa leaf, bentonite clay.

Face Mask Serum: Olive oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, geranium essential oil, vitamin e.