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Willow Organic Healing Balm by Sano + Humano
Willow Organic Healing Balm by Sano + Humano
Willow Organic Healing Balm by Sano + Humano

Willow Organic Healing Balm by Sano + Humano

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Packed full of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, restorative, protective ingredients. Luxurious, soothing and with a smooth gliding application.                           
A little goes a very long way.  Willow Balm is pure, concentrated and doesn’t contain any water, fillers, nasty chemicals or alcohols. Because of this, the Willow balm is expected to last 4 times that of a water based lotion of that size.                                                                                                   
Willow balm is being explored and used by many as a skin restorer and as preventative action - not only against the nappy rash skin wars, but any areas where the skin is inflamed and in need of repair. 
Team up with our cotton gloves for an intensive hand treatment.
Customers are reporting back that they are using Willow balm on cuts, scraps, rashes, chafing, chicken pox, molluscum contagiosum (water warts), new tattoo care, eczema flare ups, flakey skin spots, dermatitis + psoriasis.  It's also an excellent hand protector from constant water washing and for avid gardeners and florists.                                                                             
Willow Balm may help to sooth skin and help provide relief, irritation + inflammation.                                                                                                         
How Willow was born... This formulation was created to help with soothing and restoration of a friend’s child, that had one of the worst cases of fungal nappy rash I had ever seen. It was a painful cycle for both mum and baby that couldn’t seem to be broken. After 10 different attempts with different topical treatments on the market, with no success - it was by chance that she shared her despair.  It was impossible not to want to try and help and so “Baby Willow Organic Skin Balm” was created. Within hours of the first application, the reversal and restoration of her skin took place. A passion project for the real baby Willow. Named in her honour.                                                       
Mineral + Plant based organic formula. Product testers gave it the maximum 5 stars satisfaction report. 
Directions: Willow Balm is firm and melts skin on application. Scoop out a small amount with the rosewood spatula. Place in the palm of your hand + transfer to the area of concern. If you are using it to support healing of a cut or scrap, apply directly to the area and it will soften on application. Gently rub in circular motion + the formula will blend into your skin, going from white to translucent.                                                                                 
Ingredients: Organic raw shea nut butter, mineral zinc oxide (non-nano), organic tapioca starch, organic manuka bees wax, natural plant based vitamin e, organic manuka oil, organic kanuka oil.                                                   
Always test patch a small area first, to ensure no allergic reactions.
Made in New Zealand. Contains no nasty chemicals or preservatives. Ethical. Fair trade, never tested on animals.