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Organic Irish Breakfast Tea
Organic Irish Breakfast Tea

Organic Irish Breakfast Tea

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30gm loose leaf - approx 15-20 cups 


"Can totally tell quality tea by how it looks when hydrated. This is quality dried leaf, love this Assam!" - Tim G, Nelson.

Elegantly strong + invigorating. Full flavoured A grade, premium Assam tea leaves.

Like all our teas, you should open a fresh bag + immediately sniff its contents. Why? Thats the aroma of quality... If you are a lover of straight bold black tea fresh from the pot; then you will find it hard to understand why Lady Hamilton, (all that time ago) put milk in her tea while at sea. 

Why? Lady Hamilton needed to mask the insipid bitter taste of her tea in which the quality was diminished almost to the undrinkable state, such was the terrible storage conditions at sea. But sadly she passed this milk tradition down generations.

But don’t worry. You can drink your tea black as it was originally intended or you can enjoy this brew with milk. 

Brew time and temp:   Steep at 95°C for 1.25 mins without milk or 3-4 mins with milk.

1 teaspoon of tea per cup is suggested. Like all our brews, experiment to find your exact strength so that its perfect for your taste.

25 grams will make  approximately  17-20 cups.

Organic Ingredients: Assam Black tea.

NO binders, artificial oils or flavours, growing chemicals.

**Team with our bio-degradable tea bags, brewing cups or stainless steel strainers for that perfect cup.Benefits of quality organic black tea.

Benefits of quality organic black tea.

Quality organic tea contains, polyphenols + tannins; + are linked to skin cell rejuvenation.

Tea catechins + flavonoids can help prevent skin infections. Therefore, if you frequently suffer from skin infections, drinking black tea is known to assist in the healing process.

What else other than drinking is black tea good for?

Under eye puffiness can make you look tired + can make you prone to premature wrinkling. Try using black tea bags or just dip cotton in cold black tea + keep it under your eye for 20 minutes every day. You can see a visible reduction in under eye puffiness in just a few weeks.

Hair, shine + lustre... Black tea can also lend shine to hair that needs a ‘pick me up’. After shampooing your hair with a mild shampoo, use black tea at room temperature to give your hair the final rinse. Try it for few weeks + see your hair become more lustrous.